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About Annie Mess

Folky as F*ck


A tattoo artist for two decades, Annie is the owner of Golden Age Tattoos in Austin, Texas. You can find her tattoo work on Instagram @anniemesstattoos. After a long career in tattooing, Annie wanted to create wearable, affordable art without a waiting list and deposit. From this desire, Annie Mess the brand was born.


In 2018 Annie met Rachel, and the rest was history. Annie's creativity, art, and long-time dreams combined with Rachel's marketing experience, ability to juggle three thousand things at once, and bulldog get sh*t done attitude, the two were finally able to build the AM business and turn it into what it is today. 


Local. Custom. High-Quality. These were our goals. We want to make clothing, home goods, and accessories that we would wear, purchase for our home, and be stoked to own. Despite the frustrations that come with never settling, we're thrilled to offer our customers products we are proud of. 

The future

There's no stopping us. We already have plans for suede bikinis, crazy women's fitness leggings, handmade ceramic dishware, and more. For insider info and updates on future products make sure to sign up for our newsletter!

Sorry, we're not sorry - Annie & Rachel 

Annie Mess

Owner & Designer

Rachel Snyder